Plan a Foundation Day Fundraiser for Your Organization

Do you want to raise funds for your charitable organization or school? Hold a foundation day fundraiser at Tino’s!

We’ve seen first-hand the countless ways that charitable organizations impact people’s lives and impact the community in Howard County and beyond. Therefore, we offer a fun and easy way for your organization to raise funds with foundation days on Mondays. Fundraising events create partnership opportunities that allow us to donate up to 10% of our total day's sales to your cause.

How do foundation day fundraisers work?

Start by filling out our form for scheduling a foundation night fundraiser. Contact us with any questions by email at or call the restaurant at (410) 730-8466.

Fundraising events are as successful as we make them. We actively support our community organizations by posting events on our social media, leaving out promotional materials on our counter and stapling promotional materials to all delivery orders the week before the event. You can get your community, members, and other possible attendees to come to the event in a number of ways. Check out tips for sharing your event here.

We look forward to helping your group have a stress-free and successful fundraiser. In addition, you’ll be free to focus on what really matters – boosting your organization’s visibility, and raising the funds necessary to continue your vital work. Send the form on our foundation day page to get started.

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